best experienced with sound

zending is a game about impulses.

Send your signal and reach others in your surroundings for cascades of gentle feedback. Plan well - or don't.

Developed with Kay and Mireille Greene during Global Game Jam 2018.


zending [Android] 24 MB
zending [Windows] 22 MB
zending [OS X] 37 MB
zending [Linux] 39 MB


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I Love it. Fun and great experience ++

thank you! I'm happy to hear you've enjoyed the game. I'd really love to turn it into a full mobile game but I've got to finish Nowhere Prophet, my current project, first. 

Deleted post

Yeah, I do agree. I'm just glad we got the temp sound replaced. That was just a person going "NOOOoooooo!"

Thanks for checking this out. Please let me know what you think of the game and how it made you feel!