This is a dog's life.

You wake up in a box, meet your family, get all the love and attention you could ever want.

But humans are complex creatures. Can you maintain a relationship with someone who's whole world is crumbling? And in the end, is there anything a dog's love cannot do?

Content Warning: May contain brief text describing animal abuse.

StatusIn development
PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorsMartin Nerurkar, Gisela Wolf, SadMonk, D_Sostre, mbuntz
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
Tagsdog, dysfunctional-family, family, relationship
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone


Android APK 66 MB


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Mike's kinda pathetic. In fact, the whole family are not people you want to know. Much like in real life. I feel this is a good game that explains things well from the dog's angle. I can't believe in real life some people are so foolish they cant figure out how to look after a dog.  The story's moral is that horrible people are never happy people and never will be. They don't understand and never will have the gift of love.

Do you plan to make this downloadable on Chromebooks? I saw you responded to most comments back in the day, just wanted to know because i have a chromebook and never end up being able to play any itch games that you need to download. Thanks!

Oh you mean a downloadable exe? I'm not quite sure I understand because you ask if we can make it downloadable and then say you can't play games that you need to download - that has me confused. Can you explain?

Yeah, kind of like that. I wanted to see if you could find a way to make it downloadable on chromebooks. If you know how to do that type of thing. Great game though, played it on my browser!

Hm. I have no experience with chromebooks - I thought it was a feature that they don't download anything but only have things in the cloud?

It wouldn't work with your keyboard and mouse but you could download the APK on to your Chromebook and that should work.


I'm not crying;;;

you're crying

gonna go cuddle my dogs now

I'm sorry :/


nonono it's okay


Such a sad game, but I still enjoyed it. Made me love my 3 dogs even more. I wrote some more about it in my blog:

Oh wow! Thanks for playing and the writeup. Glad you "enjoyed" it, even though it's not really a pleasant experience...


Any plans to port it to PC?

you mean as standalone downloadable?

Something like that, yeah.

No plans, but it's no real work either. If you want an exe, we can deliver.

That'd be nice if you have any extra time. It'd be easier to play.

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i think i need to go cry in the corner for 5 hours brb

Sorry about that. It's a game that can kinda ruin your day, but that's kind of the point. Hope you still "enjoyed" it.


Its Not Bad I Find It Awesome and meaningful! i just Ment it was a bit sad Thats Al :P Sorry to confuse you

Thank you! Very happy that you enjoyed some part of it. It's tough making something sad. Gise, who wrote the story had to struggle through it. It can be quite draining or depressing.


spoilers; pls read at your own risk, thanks

as someone who loves dogs and animals in general, this game ruined my heart. deep inside i keep telling myself that i just got bad endings and i keep replaying it but it just keeps getting worse. im not saying this game is bad or anything bc 10/10 would play again, the art is so cute! but watching (or reading lol) the poor dog get abused by mike makes me ):

Yeah, that's kind of the idea behind it. But thinking about it, we may need to add a content warning, but that would maybe spoil the experience? I'll put a careful one in the description text for now. With the next update, I'll put a soft warning in the game itself.

Thanks for playing and glad you like the game! Sorry about being so mean to you.


Oh man don't apologize haha I know things with dogs happen like this all the time, I just wasn't expecting it in this game bc the dog looked so happy LMAO. I had a feeling it would be something like this though )": But I'll make sure to check the game out again next update, maybe I'll have my feelings together by then.