A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Home is a place, where one is secure, cared for. A place where people can share their happiness and sadness and create memories and bonds with others. They can remember sounds, smells and feelings, when thinking about a latter or former home. What happens, if these memories fade away? 

Fragments takes the player on a journey through the process of self discovery and remembering. "Is Hobbes still nibbling on the palm? The thing looks like it's been though a shredder."

Developed during the Global Game Jam 2019.


  • Felix Kalka – Story, 2D
  • Gregor Belogour – Story, 3D
  • Kay Fleck – 3D
  • Martin Buntz – Sound, Music
  • Martin Nerurkar – Programming
  • Sebastian Finzenhagen – 3D
  • Tibor Pilz – Sound, Music
  • Waldemar Tomme – Programming
  • Special Thanks to Ducky

Updated 16 days ago
Published 19 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorMartin Nerurkar
Tagsggj19, Global Game Jam

Install instructions

Download and unzip. Then run the game executable.


fragmentsWIN.zip 59 MB
fragmentsOSX.zip 65 MB
fragmentsLINUX.zip 96 MB


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I did a Twich stream of your game on Sunday 01/27/19 and I uploaded it to my YouTube channel today.

I recorded myself playing it for the first time and made commentary on how I thought it played and what I liked/didn't like.  I tried to be objective.  I'm trying to provide honest feedback and playtesting to indie devs.  The link is below.