A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Enter the world of ritual drumming. Join a ritual as drum master and create your own meditative experience.

For DR_M the headmounted display (HMD) of VR is interpreted as a shamanistic mask. As the initiate puts on the mask they enter the world of spirits. To support this we added a mask to the HDM in the initial version, covering the face of the shaman.

In the real world the player sits down instead of a drum outfitted with a microphone. Through meditative playing oft he instrument the shaman can bring call the spirits to himself and fill the prairie with life.


drm_1-1.zip 26 MB
drm-1-0.apk 28 MB

Install instructions


  1. Android
    1. Download APK to your Android Device
    2. Put your Android device into a Gear VR, Google Cardboard or similar head-mount
  2. Windows

    1. Download the files to your desktop
    2. Unzip the files
    3. Run the files

Play Instructions:

  1. Create a shamans mask resembling your spirit animal. Ensure that the mask is light and covers the whole face
  2. Attack mask to HMD
  3. Put a microphone into or next to your drum of choice
  4. Plug microphone into your device
  5. Sit down in front of the drum
  6. Start the game and put on the HMD
  7. Drum

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